In memory of Maurizio Di Calisto

Mr Maurizio Di Calisto was Head of Office at the Italian Development Cooperation Office  in Kabul two times. The first mandate was from 2008 to 2009, the second from 2012 to 2014.

Several people in Afghanistan remember Maurizio Di Calisto who was the Head of Office at the Italian Development Cooperation in Afghanistan.

Eng. Di Calisto started his experience in Afghanistan in 2007, and in January 2008 he established the Kabul Office of the Italian Development Cooperation, unifying and coordinating the several initiatives already in place in sectors such as justice and rule of law, gender and job creation, health, and infrastructures.

Under his guidance, the IDC office in Afghanistan became an important player for the Official Development Assistance to the Government of Afghanistan and to its people.

Among all the initiatives approved, financed and implemented under his guidance, some can be highlighted, such as:

    • The support to the national budget through the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, run by the World Bank and the Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan.
    • The support to the National Solidarity Program, with a special focus in the Western Provinces, implementing dozens of community-based projects.
    • The support to “Non-Formal Approach to Training, Education and Jobs in Afghanistan”, with the purpose to increase the potential for employment and higher earnings of targeted young Afghan women and men in rural and semi-urban areas through non-formal skills training
    • The cooperation with the Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan, in creating investment opportunities for micro and small enterprises.
    • The construction of the Maidan Shar to Bamyan Highway, of the Herat Bypass, of two roads in Shindand district linking the city to the ring road.
    • The funding of the Herat to Chesht-e Sharif road, which construction has recently started.
    • The funding for the upgrade of the Herat Airport to International standards.

He supported Afghan Non-Government Organizations, Civil society Organizations, and the Red Cross for community and relief projects.

Mr Di Calisto was able to create a team – composed of both Afghan and Italian professionals – devoted to the improvement of the living conditions in this country. He was a guide and a friend for many professionals working for the Italian Development Cooperation and appreciated by the members of national and international institutions for his contribution to the development  and reconstruction of Afghanistan.

He died in Rome on 28 December 2020, after a two-year-long illness. He never lost his confidence in the future and was always in touch with his Afghan friends and colleagues.

We’ll miss him.


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