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 “What we really hope is that peace gets into reality.”


It is a privilege for me to come back to Afghanistan after many years in a very crucial moment and in the year the marks the centenary of the diplomatic relations between our two countries. I can see a year full of challenges and opportunities, and this has strengthened my decision to be back in the land of Afghans, crossroads of a history that has involved many of us.

My role here, as Head of Office of AICS Kabul, is to address and coordinate all the development and cooperation initiatives, according to the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation mandate and the principles of the 2030 Agenda, which Italy shares, promote, and implements.

Our partnership with all our institutional counterparts, with the International Donors Community, and above all, with all the Afghans, is solid and cooperative. Since its presence in Afghanistan (2002), the Italian Cooperation has built trusted and reliable relations with all the stakeholders for the reconstruction of Afghanistan. In 2019, in the framework of the Geneva Conference, Italy joined the “5+4+3” format at the Coordination Forum to address support to economic and social integration and governance under a potential peace scenario.

The Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation is here to improve, through the implementation of its projects, the living conditions of the Afghan population beyond the political changes and decisions.

It is well known to all of us that this Country suffered too much and today is still not free of threats. We can’t underestimate all these elements, but our wish is that peace gets into reality, soon. We are aware that for the Afghan people this is the starting point to get to any further development that the Country and its population deserve. Italy is willing to continue to support the efforts made to reach this goal.

I’m not alone here. A professional staff, made by Afghans and Italian colleagues, is working together with me every day to implement all the initiatives approved by the Italian Government. A sincere thanks go to all of them: I firmly believe in the result of good teamwork.

To conclude, let me welcome you to our website renovated in both contents and news. You will find here the information about all our activities are done with and for the Afghans. This site wants to be a reference point for all of you who wants to know more about the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation activities in Afghanistan.

Always ready to do better and more.

Enjoy your navigation!!


Giovanni Grandi

Head of Office at AICS Kabul



Dr. Giovanni Luigi Grandi joined AICS Kabul, as Head of Office, in October 2020. Graduated in economics in 1985, he started his career in global finance working for many Leading International and Italian Investments Institutions. He moved to the cooperation and development field, more than fifteen years ago when he began to be an advisor to the Italian Government and its Administration (MoFA) on financial matters related to Development Cooperation activities. More specifically, he has been directly involved in the planning and execution of the Italian Development Policy towards Developing Countries and the management of Development Aid to Partner countries. He joined the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation since its birth in 2016. As a Senior Advisor in Development and Cooperation, he worked for Iraq, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Lybia, and Afghanistan.



Dr. Giovanni Luigi Grandi



Giovanni Luigi Grandi together with AICS Kabul Staff