private sector development

Since 2009, in line with the Afghan National Development Policies and with the Private Sector Development - National Priority Program - NPP, the Italian Government, through the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, promotes the development and the strengthening of the private sector to lead the economic growth process, creates job opportunities, contributes to poverty reduction and gradually enhance the Country self-reliance. The NPP, in fact aims at increasing foreign investments, growth in small medium enterprises and exporting production, public – private partnerships and financial sector privatization. In a socioeconomic not stabilized context , without accelerated reforms and an improved security situation, growth is likely to remain slow with limited progress in reducing poverty from current very high levels, and this explain how  pivotal is  to invest the private sector development.

IADC manages in this sector a portfolio of 10.2 MEUR with two programs:  ISAME -"Italian Support for Microfinance and Enterprises in Afghanistan" and NATEJA -"Non-formal Approach to Education and Work in Afghanistan". These programs initiated respectively in 2011 and 2015, they are now at the completion stage. These are contributing to boost the micro, small and medium enterprises in the trade, services and manufacture sectors, securing the  financial sustainability of the Microfinance Institutions involved,  alleviating  extreme poverty among the vulnerable population, create employment and assist young women to start small businesses in the Provinces of Herat, Farah, Bamiyan, and in Kabul.

10380Italian contribution to the programme Non Formal Approach to Training Education and Jobs in Afghanistan (NATEJA)

Badakshan Province: Preparation of the mushroom compost. This project, aiming at improving women's empowerment through the creation of  micro-enterprises, is implemented by NAC and funded by the IADC