sustainable agriculture, food security and environment

The agriculture, food security and the environment sector are one of the priorities of the Afghan Government’s National Priority Programmes - NPPs, with the support of the major donors of the international community. These sector-specific interventions play a significant role in favor of the rural and the poorest parts of the population, who live mainly on subsistence agriculture. The Citizens’ Charter, together with the Comprehensive Agricultural Development Programme, are two of the NPPs to foster and develop agriculture in the Country.

Approximately 70% of Afghans live and work in rural areas, where agriculture is the primary living and economic source. Despite a decline in its share of Afghanistan’s overall economy, the sector still employs 40% of the total work force, and more than half of Afghans living in rural areas contribute to agriculture.

Agriculture is therefore fundamental for the growth and development of Afghanistan’s economy, as well as for its contribution to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations in 2015, to be achieved by 2030.

Since 2009, the Government of Italy, through the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, has been implementing sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Environmental projects. These interventions are meant to solve structural and capacity needs in order to enable farmers to generate increased income, provide greater food and nutritional security within a sustainable lands and water management framework, contribute to economic growth and capital generation. Significant attention is paid to vulnerable population and women in agriculture while mainstreaming environmental issues, also with specific actions to improve biodiversity and enhance ecosystem services.

Below the ongoing projects:

Sustainable Land and Water Management for Improved High Value Agriculture Production and Marketing in Herat and Bamiyan Provinces - SLWM
11504Support to Agriculture and Rural Market - SARM
11393Voluntary contribution to the “Citizen’s Charter Afghanistan Project”
11388WASH for the Herat, Farah and Bamiyan Provinces
9465Support to Agriculture and Rural Development - SARD