Private Sector Development

The IADC targets the rising unemployment problem through a multi-pronged approach that supports export value chain service providers, promotes new businesses, creates jobs specifically for women and encourages youth entrepreneurship. IADC working closely with the Government of Afghanistan in line with the Afghan National Development Policies and with the Private Sector Development - National Priority Program – NPP, from 2009 that are focusing on addressing private sector challenges to build value chains which connect farmers, processors and expand opportunities to export Afghan goods to international markets.
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the IADC allocated a portfolio of 10.2 MEUR for two bilateral on-budget programs:
• ISAME - Italian Support to Microfinance and Enterprises in Afghanistan
• NATEJA - Non-formal Approach to Education and Work in Afghanistan
These are contributing to boost the micro, small and medium enterprises in the trade, services and manufacture sectors; securing the financial sustainability of the microfinance institutions involved, alleviating extreme poverty among the vulnerable population, creating employment and assisting young women to start small businesses in the Provinces of Herat, Farah, Bamiyan, and Kabul.
Financial sustainability of microfinance institutions in Herat achieved.
Extreme poverty in 4 districts of the Herat province decreased.
4.300 New jobs created.
4000 micro, small, medium enterprises in service, trade and manufacturing have their capacity and business enhanced.
7200 unemployed youth acquire employable skills, 70% find a job.
2000 Women start a new business and have their income increased.