Cultural Heritage and Urban Planning

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation through Engagement of Afghanistan’s National Programme for Culture & Creative Economy, aims to achieve effective and sustainable preservation, restoration, management and development of Cultural Heritage Resources in Afghanistan. This is achieved in part through building and strengthening an enabling environment that fosters community engagement, strengthens institutions, and sustains and grows a community of practice. To that end, IADC has conducted many site development projects and capacity building programs throughout Afghanistan, and developed policies, strategies, and procedures to create venues and opportunities for learn. Afghanistan is home of archaeological sites, many sites suffer from poor maintenance and visibility in terms of tourism. In addition, many of t¬hese sites are located within communities that are affected by high poverty and unemployment. The restoration and preservation of these sites present a golden opportunity for local economic development and poverty alleviation. The IADC given particular attention in the Bamiyan Valley, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as well as in the List of World Heritage in Danger. The IADC allocated a portfolio of 6 MEUR to support three programmes in Afghanistan, implementing by UNESCO and the University of Florence these programmes use an integrated approach which, conceiving the site in its socio-economic and environmental context, combines urban planning, direct conservation management and enhancement actions.

• Local Community Empowerment And Preservation Of Shahr-e-Gholgola, The World Heritage Site In Bamiyan (AID N. 11044) . Bamiyan Province. MEUR 1.000,000 , executed by UNESCO – MoIC and LAA.
• Preservation and Promotion of the Bamiyan Valley through Culture-Oriented Sustainable Development” (AID N. 11704) : Bamiyan Province - MEUR 4,100,000 executed by UNESCO – MoIC and LAA – Local University.
• Project for the Development of Urban Planning Capacity (AID N. 11060). Herat and Bamiyan Provinces. MEUR 900,000. University of Florence, MUDA.