Ministry of Finance (MoF)is the main institutional partner of IADC in Afghanistan, since it is in charge of the National Peace and Development Strategy, external aid and relations with donors.
Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA)is contributing to Afghanistan’s economic growth by developing a viable, inclusive financial sector for the poor, and the small and medium enterprises. MISFA facilitates the development and growth of a long-term, strong and sustainable microfinance sector in Afghanistan. It is our partner to foster private sector development.
National Procurity Authority (NPA)is an independent Authority. It is in charge of implementing reforms in procurement system to become a foundation for the development and socio-economic growth in Afghanistan. The NPA was established under the Administrative Office of the President.
Ministry of Transport (MoT)Is enhancing efficient, safe and modern transportation networks, strengthening and providing communication with neighboring countries and within Afghanistan. It is a major partner since connectivity is one of our main area of intervention.
Afghanistan Railway Authority (ARA)
is the Authority in charge of the railway system. It is our partner for the construction of the Herat-Khaf railway.
Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

is the Authority entitled for the civil aviation. It is our partner in upgrading Herat Airport according to international standards (i.e. ICAO).
Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL)is committed to development and modernization of agriculture, irrigation, livestock and food security. It is our partner for the implementation of sustainable agricultural projects.
Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD)

develops programs promoting responsible social and financial growth in rural areas, primarily in the non-farm sector. MRRD aims at reducing poverty amongst the Afghans (80% of the population) living in rural areas by creating job opportunities to the villagers, developing handicrafts, enhancing other products of rural entrepreneurship. Is our reference institution for the private sector development projects.
National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA)
is an independent institution. NEPA serves as Afghanistan’s environmental policy making and regulatory institution. It is our reference Institution for the conservation of natural heritage projects.
Ministry of Justice (MoJ)is one of the central administrations of the government. It supports the justice and the judicial system in terms of effective governance and justice reform program. We work together to implement the justice and governance projects.
Attorney General Office (AGO)

is the top of the judicial system in accordance with article 117 of the Afghanistan Constitution. It is our reference Institution for the implementation of the justice and governance projects.
Supreme Court (SC)

is the top of the judicial system in accordance with article 117 of the Afghanistan Constitution. It is our reference Institution for the implementation of the justice and governance projects.
Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs (MoLSA)is the focal Ministry of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan mandated to work on labor affairs, social protection and welfare. It is our partner for the private and gender projects.
Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)

aims at increasing access to health services, ensuring their quality and improving health system performance in Afghanistan. IADC main area of collaboration is the maternal and child health.
Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC)

is in charge of culture, tourism, media and youth affairs. IADC works in strict collaboration to promote and protect archeological sites, such as the Bamiyan Valley and Herat Historical centers.
Ministry of Education (MoE)

works to promote education as the fundamental cornerstone and as a key pre-requisite for durable peace, stability and socio-economic development in Afghanistan.
Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA)

aims at eliminating discrimination against women, human resource development, promoting women’s empowerment and leadership to ensure their equal and comprehensive participation in all life aspects. It is IADCs’ main partner for the gender projects.
Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations

manages affairs related to immigration, refugees, repatriation and sustainable settlement. It provides legal and social services for refugees, returnees and internally-displaced persons (IDPs). It is our reference Institution for the humanitarian aid sector.
Ministry of Interior (MoI)

through national police, MoI is responsible for implementing enforcement and rule of law, providing social security and order, detecting and fighting crimes, controlling borders, protecting rights, properties and freedoms of Afghan people according to the national laws
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

is appointed of foreign policy together with bilateral regional and economic cooperation.
Ministry of Economy (MoEC)is in charge of promoting economic and social development in Afghanistan. MoEC prepares economic policies on national level and incorporates sustainable development goals (SDG) in national programs and plans.

Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MUDH)

aims at creating suitable urban system and healthy cities, based on the principle of sustainable development. It is providing public access to basic and infrastructural services and social welfare in the housing sector. This ministry is our partner for the urban planning side of the cultural projects.
Ministry of Mining and Petroleum (MoM)

is the sectoral ministry involved in the research, exploration, development, exploitation, and processing of minerals and petroleum. It is authorized to issue and renew licenses for discovery and exploitation activities.
National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA)

is an independent governmental administration to create an integrated scientific system for statistics, ensuring harmonization and coordination of all statistical and information management activities of Afghanistan.
University of Florenceis one of the historical Italian partner for IADC Kabul. The Laboratory for Social Geography is a research facility that operates under the Department of History, Archaeology, Geography, Fine and Performing Arts at the University of Florence. It has prepared the Strategic Master plan for Herat and Bamiyan.