Luca Maestripieri, AICS Director: “The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation does not intend to abandon anyone, even less the Afghan people”

Rome –  “We are only partially relieved by the arrival of our Italian colleagues in Fiumicino (Rome), after having evacuated our field office in Afghanistan – said Luca Maestripieri, Director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, AICS) – nevertheless, our minds and hearts are still on the runway at Kabul airport, where hundreds of our Afghan friends and collaborators are waiting to leave. As Marina Sereni, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, has already clearly stated, in agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the Defense, which we thank for what they are doing, we will do everything to bring them to Italy too. The witnesses told by our colleagues, who just arrived from Kabul, strike us. We do not want anyone to be abandoned, neither in these days nor in the future. We hope to restore the conditions to continue supporting the Afghan population.”

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